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Popular net apps are still narrowband

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Here’s a report from the BBC, quoting a Point Topic survey. What’s interesting is that the application which are most popular with UK net users the following services and you don’t really need broadband for any of them.

Email – 68%
Blogging, browsing or surfing – 66%
Shopping – 49%
Visiting eBay or other auction sites – 33%
Banking or other financial transactions – 31%
Chat or instant messaging – 27%
Downloading music, games, pictures etc – 26%
Online games – 15%

It’s not until you get down to number 9 in the rankings that you come across an application which really needs broadband for a decent experience :

Listening to radio – 13%

So why is broadband still increasing in popularity?

Possibly because no one really markets narrowband internet access in this country anymore, the days of services Freeserve pay-as-you-go dial-up are over. (Although you can still get them if you know where to sign up) How quickly they came and went. A narrowband connection is about the same price as broadband, and thanks to bundling deals you could get some extra services thrown in.

I note the headline of the beeb’s report suggests that 75% of the UK community will connect by broadband by the end of the year. This isn’t mentioned again later and I’ve looked at both the Jupiter and Point Topic references briefly and I can’t actually see this figure anywhere.

I think it’s too high, maybe in a year or so, but 75%? Not yet, surely?

If you can identify the source of this figure, get in touch.


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29 October, 2006 at 11:18 pm

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