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Coke ponders value of social media

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Just doing it because everyone else is?

Have you seen the quite frankly fantastic Diet Coke/Mentos video? It’s everywhere on the web, and has gone through several iterations now. Here’s the latest.

(Now have a look at the brilliant spoof version)

Coca-Cola has embraced the concept, but as Wendy Davis reports they are also struggling to find measurable results in this kind of participation. The bottom line : does it sell more Coke?

At Ad:Tech in New York this week, John Stichweh, Coke’s director of global interactive marketing correctly notes “this medium overall is actually a lot harder than other media”.

Given that the changes in media are still new, and are probably nowhere near maturing, of course it’s hard. But I feel there’s far too many people who are doing it, because everyone else is. Do they really understand why?

Darren Kelly argues that the value is direct and measurable and Coke must be blind if it can’t see it.


Written by Robert

9 November, 2006 at 2:00 pm

Posted in Business, Media

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