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How is advertising the future of content when no one watches any?

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And no one wants to pay either.

‘More Consumers Are Watching TV Online’ is the headline in this news release from business research companies The Conference Board, and TNS. Nothing surprising there.

News is the most popular content form, which backs up a previous survey referring more broadly to online video content, but it’s how TV material is being watched online which is significant.

The top two reasons for online consumption is for convenience and to avoid advertising. This is worrying if you believe that advertising will only become more important to sustain quality content.

Predictably, ‘Very few consumers are willing to pay per download or enroll in subscription services.’ I wish they made it clearer how many.

Bear in mind that TV advertising is a very blunt stick, broadcasting messages to at least as many people who are not interested as those who are. I fully expect technology to help here. I would watch more advertising if it was entertaining and more relevant to me.


Written by Robert

13 November, 2006 at 9:17 am

Posted in Business, Media

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