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Sony Pictures chief skips the ads

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Michael Lynton watches TV like I do

This week’s Broadcast magazine features an interview with the chief executive of Sony Pictures, maker of programmes like Seinfeld and The Nanny, as well as recent Bond film Casino Royale.

Broadcast lead with Michael Lynton‘s fears over Google’s potential to control over half the ad spend for online video.

“People are very concerned that Google will do in the video space what it has accomplished in the text space. If it does, there won’t be a viable competitor … that is quite concerning for everyone.

More interesting I think is that Lynton has exactly the same TV viewing habits as me.  Since we got PVRs, we both stopped watching live television, and when we watch something off the PVR, we skip the advertising.

Now I had assumed that this was widespread and completely natural behaviour. But apparently Michael and I are atypical, because recent research suggests that only 4% of viewing is recorded!

I am amazed at this figure. I knew I was an early adopter, but are Michael Lynton and I really so far ahead? If this research is anything to go by, traditional TV business models are safe for a few more years to come.


Written by Robert

29 November, 2006 at 6:52 pm

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