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Google divides – will it conquer?

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I’ve so far resisted from writing anything about Copiepresse’s disagreement with Google, because I just didn’t understand it.

Like Courtney Heard, I though it was absurd not to take advantage of all all that free traffic. Why would anyone in the right mind not want to be searchable on Google? (In an in-depth and thoughtful article, Danny Sullivan goes so far as to call the secretary general of Copiepresse a hypocrite!)

This is the best full interview with Copiepresse I’ve read so far (I like the bit where Margaret Boribon accuses Google of lying about the the circumstances of the first court judgement).

Copiepresse took Google to court, and won, over the inclusion of some Belgian publications in

Google appealed on the basis that Copiepresse could have just asked not to be included, and everyone could have been saved the trouble of going to court.

That Copiepresse never did this, makes its objective fairly clear. Copiepresse sees the hundreds of millions of dollars being vacuumed up by Google, and it wants some.

Copiepresse has now said it will be talking to MSN and Yahoo about the issue of linking and copyright.

Last week, a new twist. Google has reached a deal, no details forthcoming, with photography and imagery rights groups. These two organisations have withdrawn from the Copiepresse legal action.

Add to this, Google’s new scheme to extend the availability of newspaper advertising, with an interface for smaller companies to buy newspaper ad space. Many publishers must find this troubling. They want the additional revenue, but the way it’s coming to them puts Google in an even more powerful position.

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it?


Written by Robert

2 December, 2006 at 4:49 pm

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  1. The World Association of Newspapers makes its aims clear in this article.


    17 February, 2007 at 9:53 pm

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