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Why I wouldn’t use Netflix online

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(Even if I could receive it)

Netflix are launching an online on-demand film viewing service, bundled into the normal subscription plan. If you pay US$18 a month (for unlimited DVDs) you’ll get 18 hours of online viewing a month.

Here’s the thing. If Netflix post me a DVD, I can:

  • Play it on any TV in the house.
  • Enjoy high-bitrate picture quality (albeit in standard definition)
  • Watch the film and all the special features as many times as I like

I can’t do any of these things with the proposed online service, which only works on a Windows PC, has to fit down a home broadband line (which will at least, halve the technical quality) and the viewing time is limited.

It’s just possible that if I absolutely had to watch a new release immediately I could view it online, but that assumes I’m a big fan of the film in question, and so I would have probably already seen it in the cinema, and would already be in the queue at HMV to buy the DVD anyway.

Carl Howe has a bunch of other reasons why this service (which has grabbed a lot of headlines) might not be a success.


Written by Robert

17 January, 2007 at 9:20 pm

Posted in Business, Media

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