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BT thinks my photos are worth 10p each. Dream on.

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BT Digital Vault is an online storage service which gives you 20GB for £5 a month.

There’s an automatic backup manager, and the ability to share those files with other people and access them from anywhere.

Part of the marketing pitch to consumers is to give them an idea of the value of their files in the event of data loss, and to this end they’ve created a file worth calculator.

You put in how many files you have and how much sentimental value they have to you, and it suggests a monetary value.

It’s rubbish.  And buggy – altering the ‘sentimental value’ slider seems to do nothing at all.

Worst of all, the values which have been assigned to music, video and photos are laughable.  According to BT, the photo of my grandmother’s 90th birthday is only worth 10 pence.  The same goes for the picture of me on a helicopter flying under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Actually both are priceless, which is why I not only make a backup of my photos on CD (cost of blank, about 20p) but keep them on an external hard disc as well (160GB is about £60).  That gives me mobility of data and security.

Still, BT’s version is actually cheaper on a per GB basis, 25p per GB.  Although of course you have to keep paying that every month or presumably your precious data gets deleted anyway.

Subscribe to Digital Vault for a year, and you’re probably better off buying the storage outright.  It’s about 37p per gigabyte.  But then you’ve only yourself to blame if you lose something.


Written by Robert

1 February, 2007 at 12:37 am

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