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Mobile TV : Try it once, don’t come back.

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3GSM press releases are coming in thick and fast this week. But here’s one which is of note.

According to an M:Metrics study, european mobile TV users who have now abandoned the platform, outnumber active users by almost 20%.

Price, and quality of the experience are common reasons for ceasing to watch the TV on your phone.

Derek Kerton expands on why the portents aren’t good for Mobile TV. Incidentally he does exactly what I do when it comes to video-on-the-move. He ‘sideloads’, puts video files on an SD card, and sticks the card into his video player.

This is not only cheaper, but provides a better experience and a wider range of content. It’s one of the reasons why Nokia’s release this week, of a video podcast application for their newest phones is smart. It’s also standards compliant, supporting H.264, so a download for video iPods should work on a Nokia phone.


Written by Robert

14 February, 2007 at 7:30 pm

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  1. […] survey featured in business week says what I’ve not so secretly been expecting for some time. Mobile TV users are a stingy […]

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