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NY Times plans for day the presses stop – or does it?

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“I don’t know, and I don’t care” 

The publisher of the New York Times seems to be so far down the path of online transformation that he no longer worries about whether the paper will still be available on paper in 5 years.

In a rare interview on Israeli site Haaretz, Arthur Sulzberger speaks as if he believes it is inevitable that one day the NY times will roll the presses no longer.

He says that it doesn’t matter that online revenues are less, as the overheads are also smaller, but readers should always expect to have to pay for information.

However, the comments have caused enough of a stir for Mr. Sulzberger to speak to his employees to ‘clarify’ what he meant, which is that print is still great.

“Print continues to command high levels of reader engagement. And, of course, we still make most of our money from print advertising and circulation revenue … So let me clear the air on this issue. It is my heartfelt view that newspapers will be around–in print–for a long time.”

There’s surprisingly little buzz about this story, which is unusual for such a high-profile title.  One writer called Sulzberger short-sighted and not visionary.

I’m not entirely sure that a newspaper like the NYT has to stop the presses eventually, certainly not so soon as 5 years.  Though the same is not true about some other titles.


Written by Robert

20 February, 2007 at 12:21 pm

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