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If you read a PDF paper, you’re costing the Telegraph a fortune

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Paul Bradshaw, and I have the same muses. And what I wouldn’t give to see the server stats of the Telegraph’s 4pm PDF edition.

Steffen Fjaervik at Poynter Online suggests that hardly anyone reads PDF papers.

The UK marketplace is slightly different in that many are given away, but I’m intrigued to know if all the effort going into these digital editions is worth it: Guardian. Daily Telegraph.

I live in London and I have two free papers (thelondonpaper, London Lite) thrust into my hands on going home, so I tend not to bother printing anything else out, but I’m quite prepared to accept that I’m atypical.

In the Poynter article consultant Peter Zollman says:

“digital editions could be updated and made more interactive through embedded audio, video, or multimedia files, etc. But not many publishers of digital editions are doing that”.

Interesting. I can’t think of anything stranger than producing a page that you intend people to print out, and then embedding multimedia into it. Maybe everyone else has got a brand of printer I haven’t heard about, but for some reason whenever I print out a PDF, the video and audio links stop working when they get to the ink+paper medium.

The Telegraph’s 4pm does this, and it’s actually a good, and well put-together read, but if Poyter’s right and it’s all a waste of time, the stats for the multimedia on the top-right must be low.

(And today, the audio and picture gallery links are still broken, some 4 hours after publication – that tells you something.)

It’s not that multimedia is the wrong thing to do, it’s unquestionably the right thing, but you have to get it into the right medium, and at the right time, and in the right way for it to be effective.


Written by Robert

26 February, 2007 at 7:59 pm

Posted in Convergence, Newspapers

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