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No Jam tomorrow – BBC site suspended

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This is a reinforcement of a comment I left on Techcrunch about the decision to turn off BBC Jam.

Why would you spend so much effort to get official approval and so much money to create content only to turn the project off some 3 years after it started?

As I said on Techcrunch, the losers of this shutdown will be independent content producers and design / production houses. The BBC commissioned at least half the content on the Jam website out of house.

This is what everyone forgets when criticising the BBC. Yes,in it gets given 3-ish billion pounds a year, but it spends a huge amount of that commissioning content from production houses.

When the BBC spends less money (because Parliament does not allow it as much income) the WHOLE of the UK media industry suffers.

Fellow ex-BBCer Tom Coates contributed :

… these competing services claim the BBC deforms the market. They tend to argue that the BBC takes work away from them and makes it impossible for them to compete.

This, frankly, is almost universally total rubbish … these complaints have done nothing but weakened the web production sector in the UK, cost the license fee payer money and removed funding for a service designed to help children with exams.


Written by Robert

16 March, 2007 at 2:04 am

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  1. Not only has the BBC has suspended its ‘BBC Jam’ Digital Curriculum service but from the end of March the production of the educational TV programmes that BBC Jam was intended to replace will also cease and the staff associated with them will be made redundant. It was hoped that they would be resettled over in the hitherto expanding BBC Jam service, but not now, so it looks as if these key staff will be lost to the BBC. More serious is that the suspension of BBC Jam and the stopping of school TV production means that the BBC now makes no formal education provision at all for children and schools. Time to make a fuss.

    Peter Evans

    20 March, 2007 at 2:09 am

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