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Europe’s leader in free broadcast high def TV is France

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Britain’s communications regulator OFCOM needs to get on the train and head to Paris.

The current dithering over broadcast TV’s future in this country is not about what kind of future it has, but whether it has one at all!

(This mimics the country’s approach to railway planning too, and look where that got us – gridlocked roads and a clapped-out rail network.)

The french government is actively investing in a high-definition broadcast TV future – regional TV network France 3 will begin HD transmissions in September (France has been piloting HD broadcasts since mid-2006)

A month ago, France passed legislation which means all new TVs sold from the end of 2008 must be able to display MPEG-4 HD broadcasts.

And let’s not forget that in countries like Australia and the United States, the switch to HD is part of the switch to digital, not something to think about afterwards.

OFCOM, you’re way behind – the massive disruption to Britain’s railways in the last decade was caused by catastrophic planning by a government which assumed that trains had gone into terminal decline – don’t make the same mistake about TV.


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20 March, 2007 at 11:57 pm

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