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Who else is having trouble recruiting?

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Every now and again I read something which makes me think “thank goodness someone else is having the same problems!”

I’m talking about recruitment.  Here’s an interesting interview with the head of mega marketing/comms company Interpublic, Michael Roth.

Over half his senior management have changed in the 3 years he’s been at the top, and it’s hard to find the right people lower down too.

This is exactly the issue I’m finding with the companies I work with.  There’s no shortage of people coming through the door for interviews, but the quality of the people who you end up in front of you can be deeply disappointing.

That means you either have to drop your recruitment standards, or lure with more competitive compensation.  I’ve seen both done, the former nearly always for operational reasons.

Here’s a website which calculates the cost of staff turnover.  The results may surprise you.

Here’s a story that’s a few years old about recruitment issues and their costs, not that the age matters.  The issues remain the same and may actually get worse as the speed of business and technology change increases.


Written by Robert

11 May, 2007 at 5:24 pm

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