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Non-linear TV comes racing towards us

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Having had a hard disk recording my TV programmes for nearly 3 years now, I’ve always wondered why it’s taking so long for everyone else to work out how completely brilliant they are.

But now Sky are dropping the subscription on their Sky+ recorder I think the change is upon us.

However, I think Freeview Playback is going to be more popular in time, and when most people are watching most of their viewing from the disk, rather than live, some interesting possibilities emerge.

You could start a ‘virtual’ channel.  The BBC could close BBC3 as a scheduled channel, and use the bandwidth to send metadata-rich programmes straight to hard disk recorders.

The ‘channel’ consists of all the programmes, complete with all the interstitials and a suggested playlist, which if you select it, will create the channel for you, just as a scheduler does now.

It’s much more bandwidth efficient, as you only have to send each programme once.


Written by Robert

23 May, 2007 at 10:24 pm

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