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What’s ITV News got that’s worth £2?

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A curmudgeonly skinflint writes

ITV launched a new mobile phone video news service this week.  It costs £2 to subscribe for a week’s worth of downloads and I’m still trying to think of a reason why I might.

Don’t get me wrong, there certainly will be moments worth viewing, but probably not everyday and in that case what mechanism do ITV have to alert me to something engaging, so that I’ll grab my mobile phone and look at their video?

And if the news is *that* big, then other outlets will have it, and I’m going to be able to get it for nothing.

The update bulletin comes at the start and end of the day, so they’ll have a tough job competing against the quality newspapers and freesheets, which rule the commuters’ precious travel slots.

Perhaps ITV News would pull in more eyeballs if they were to show a bit more of this.

Coincidentally (how’s this for juxtaposition), CNN also chose this week to abandon their web video pay service, Pipeline.

“People don’t like to pay for stuff on the internet”, said the CNN spokesperson.  She’s too broad there, there’s loads of things worth paying for, but simply copying the material that freely available on other platforms and sticking it on a webpage, or a phone, isn’t one of them.


Written by Robert

26 May, 2007 at 2:27 am

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