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Norwegian broadcaster backs P2P

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And how!

Paidcontent have reported that the Norwegian broadcaster, NRK are setting up their own Bittorrent tracker server to enable people to search for their content and share it amongst themselves.

What this means is that they can release much higher quality versions of their programmes and it won’t cost them any extra to distribute them.  It also means that their content starts to become self-organising as the viewers and listeners can link and tag and store the stuff they want.

Already dedicated viewers of some of the material released are producing their own subtitles to translate the programmes into english, known as ‘fansubbing’.

Having your own tracker is also a great idea because it allows you to be free with your content and still retain some control as the tracker server will be accruing some vital statistics about what material is shared, when, by whom  and how widely.

Maybe in the future NRK won’t even need it’s own archives, as the material will all be distributed throughout the computers of the good people of Norway.  (This is clearly fanciful, it will never happen!)

I can’t help thinking that someone in the BBC is thinking that they’ve been beaten to a great idea. But why not make a start by putting every BBC Schools programme broadcast last year on a P2P network, accessed by the BBC’s own torrent tracker?


Written by Robert

11 March, 2009 at 1:41 am

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