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Judge orders Gmail account deactivation

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Incredible bank screw up, but innocent party is sued. Be afraid.

Mediapost reports that a California judge has ordered Google to release the ownership details of a Gmail account user, and deactivate the account.

A bank in Wyoming wants the details because it has accidentally emailed personal financial records to this Gmail address. It then emailed to try to get them deleted, but didn’t hear anything.

Wired backgrounds the story.

So, just a few issues here then:

I wouldn’t respond if a bank I’d never heard of started asking me to get in touch. That’s called Phishing.

Why was the bank emailing unencrypted files around the open internet?

What would have happened if they had posted the material to the wrong physical address? Would they send the police round to change the locks?

Why should an innocent party lose access to their email in this way?

Definitely not the end of this story yet.


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25 September, 2009 at 9:03 am

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