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Google/Bing payments to Twitter are a double standard

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If Twitter, why not the news media?

Did you spot an item just before Christmas that Twitter is now supposed to have pushed into profit?

There’s comment on whether they are actually in profile, whether this will be enough to sustain Twitter and lots more on what else it might have to do, but I want to point out just one thing.

Twitter is (possibly) profitable because Google and Bing are between them giving Twitter $25m to access data which will then go into their search indices.

The data is mostly provided free by Twitter’s millions of users.

Contrast this deal with Google taking data from newspaper websites and putting that into its search engine.  But not giving the newspapers any money.

The news data comes from fairly expensive journalists who investigate stories, check facts and sometimes put their lives in danger.

Twitter, free data = $25m. News, expensive data = Zero.

Now I’m no fan of large news organisations some of whom may be confused about user behaviour on the web, but you know … this state of affairs seems a little strange.


Written by Robert

5 January, 2010 at 11:24 am

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