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CNET Loaded doubles up – time to unsubscribe?

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Signal-to-noise ratio drops a little

I have a lot of video/audio downloads I carry with me. If I’m waiting for a bus, a train or a meeting, I tend to be watching or listening to something.

A regular view was CNET’s Loaded, a quick summary of tech news every weekday. I don’t get a lot of time, so I tend to watch a week’s worth at once.

They delivered a bombshell last week – they’re going bi-daily. This might be the trigger that makes me unsubscribe.

I just don’t have time to watch 10 editions a week! I can’t cope with 5, and as I also watch Geekbrief, I’ve been thinking that one of them has to go.

I’d almost decided it was going to be Geekbrief (a bit too squeaky and happy), but now I’m reconsidering.  Cali Lewis might just get a reprieve.

CNET’s reasoning is that Loaded can be 24 hours old by the time you watch it. Big deal. They’re sometimes a week old by the time I watch them, but I still value the content. Old does not equate to out-of-date.

Content providers are obsessed with ‘newness’. New is important, but so is being able to pick stories that interest me and that have meaning beyond the next 24 hours.

They also need to understand how unlikely it is that they’re my only content supplier, so they don’t need to give me everything. They can’t possibly do everything well, and become less relevant to me as they try to do so. As their filters get broader, they invariably stray into areas I’m not interested in.

I can’t help but feel that this concept becomes more important in an increasingly non-linear world. Tell me stuff that matters, not just stuff that happens, because I don’t have time for noise.


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18 May, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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